How to sponsor a child ?


Our proposal is mainly based:
  Our association was created in 1992
(administrative contract made in 1999)


Please please read the FAQ website page


At the beginning we were very few friends.
We will keep in going with this friendly spirit
and we will NOT change this for a growth target !



No use of your money for the association management
So 100% of your money is for your child sponsored

As if you would bring the money by yourself !
All our communication is electronic (mails and internet)
and there is no fees asked for that.


The existing sponsors and new one to have
to keep in mind that they have to sponsor a
child up to the end of the classical studies
(class 10 or 12 which is corresponding to age 18 or 20 years)
after that, you can decide (up to you and to your relationship) to continue.

After class 10 (to don't disturb the scolarship)
you can invite them in Europe.

A face to face sponsoring:

you know the child identity and address
and the child know you and your address too


Your are free to visit your child in his / her family in Nepal
Our association is able to help you for your travel
(service free for members)


The sponsoring amount is yearly more or less
 290 € / $ 290 / 18000 Nepali rupees.
This amount permit the access to the school,
school clothes, complementary school food
We don't think that  it is a big problem if other children
in the same family have some benefit of our help


The children are all tibetan refugees in Nepal
they are mainly located in Katmandu, some are in Pokhara,
some are in the far mountains (Mustang),
some are in Dhorpatan (West Nepal).


To sponsor a child you must read all this,
surf on all our web site, mainly all the

questions you think have to answer right here.
A sponsorship in the way of our association is a very serious thing,
If you really want it please contact us and plan to come
to the next meeting in Nice, France.
We have 3 meeting per year (March-April, July and November)
and we send money twice a year:
November (for one year period)
and July (for half of a year period for the members arriving during the year).